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Greenhouse Studios is a fully equipped, purpose-built multi-room recording facility that is able to cater for a diverse range of music projects. The studio is nestled in a quiet suburb of Reykjavík, 10 minute drive from the city centre. 

The large SSL AWS900 equipped Studio A is ideal for the modern day production needs; from tracking to mixing. The intimate B Studio production room is home to the Neve Kelso desk. The 60 m2 live room doubles as our Studio C, a customisable production room built around a core system, with the ability to tailor the setup according to each project’s needs.

All rooms are interconnected and link to 3 smaller iso-booths, one adjacent to each room. A wide selection of instruments, electric pianos, analog synths, tape echoes, guitars, and our characterful John Broadwood & Sons grand piano are all at hand. The studio also offers residential facilities.