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Hljóðriti Studios

One of the oldest and most respected recording studios in Iceland is Syrland Hafnarfirdi (also known as Hljodriti), established back in 1975 by a few progressive pioneers.

Hljóðriti Studio view

For a long period of time, Hljodriti was the most popular studio and Iceland as it was considered equal to the best studios in the world.

Hljodriti closed down as a studio for a decade but opened again in the year 2004 as Syrland Hafnarfirdi. Under the management of sound engineer and musician Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson, Hljodriti has again grown in popularity and is now one of the busiest studios in Iceland. When Hljodriti re-opened a good care was taken to hold on to the original look and feel of the studio so that the good old spirit and the history would live on. Architect and acoustician John Storyk which also designed the Electric Lady Studios in New York designed Hljodriti.


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Trönuhraun 6